All our scarves are handmade by women. We have three types of scarves:

  • Silk Katha Scarves: these are handmade and hand embroidered using running stitch. This technique is called Katha. Pure silk is used for these scarves. Every scarf is hand-embroidered by women - sewing in her own touch. It takes more than one month to embroider this type of all-over embroidered katha scarf. Each one is a heritage item.
  • Pure Pashmina Cashmere Scarves: these are made from the wool of pashmina sheep. Each one has soft and smooth finish.
  • Cashmere Blends: these have been handwoven by women. Every scarf has a unique pattern. These are made of 70% silk and 20% wool. These are soft and have a slight sheen. These can be worn throughout the year. Additionally, these are wide to serve as shawls as well.