Our Commitment


We, at Yahvi Jute, bring you products manufactured by women or small families in India who need a way to sustain their livelihoods and their families. Every time you buy a product from us, a family is benefitting somewhere in the world because of it. This is a way to sustain people while being environmentally-conscious at the same time!

Focus is on reducing carbon footprint. So most of the products are green, natural, organic, renewable, reusable, sustainable, and ethically sourced.

Social Cause

We are committed to providing eco-friendly products that are not harmful to the Earth in the short or long term. We are concerned about all the plastic products sitting in landfills and polluting our oceans. Our natural products disintegrate easily and break down to their organic origin.

Our mission is to replace plastic products with natural ones. We encourage people to use environment-friendly products as a step to protecting the planet for our future generations.

Earth is our first priority!